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Studio Number One worked with TruTv to create the season three campaign artwork for Comedy Knockout, a show that pits comedians against each other in a series of fast-paced challenges. In each episode, host Damien Lemon sends three comics into a battle of high stakes comedic gameplay.

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Samuel wynn

POSTER campaign

Studio Number One was asked to created a propaganda style ad campaign for Australian wine brand,
Samuel Wynn & Co. The challenge was to create a striking and bold campaign that not only told the story
of adventurer turned winemaker Samuel Wynn, but also
to encourage Australian men to consider wine as their drink of choice. 

With 64% of wine being chosen based only by its label, Studio Number One celebrated the man on the label by creating a modular design system in a propaganda style. Each ad designed by SNO features a headline that is unique to the story behind the bottle and a graphic to showcase the type of man Samuel was in order to bring his story to life visually. Our posters were then converted into a widespread poster campaign that was displayed all over the streets of Melbourne. 

Now the man from nowhere, is everywhere.


Center Theatre Group


Warner Bros. approached Studio Number One to create an iconic outdoor poster campaign for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, their Spring 2017 film release, directed by Guy Ritchie. 




OBEY Clothing was founded on the art, design and ideals of Shepard Fairey and was formed in 2001. As an extension of Fairey’s work, clothing became another canvas to spread his art and message to the people.

Studio Number One creates provocative graphics that are deeply rooted in the Do It Yourself counterculture of punk rock and skateboarding with cues taken from popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging for the clothing brand. The designs are heavily inspired by classic military design, work wear basics, as well as the elements and cultural movements that have inspired Fairey's artistic career.

Studio Number One works to create designs that represent Shepard Fairey’s influences, ideals, and philosophy. OBEY Clothing is sold in X retailers available in Y countries around the world.