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Interview: How Studio Number One Manifests Meaningful Design


Studio Number One is happy to share our recent feature on Busy Beaver Button Co.’s blog!

SNO and Busy Beaver have worked closely together for the Make America Smart Again voting initiative and a Women’s March UNITE pack to benefit Planned Parenthood. Most recently, they hosted a button-making station at SNO’s Women’s March Hang this past January as well!


The article highlights how the philosophy of phenomenology inspired SNO’s creative director Shepard Fairey and SNO’s mission to change the way people experience media and the urban landscape. “Advertising means nothing if a brand’s overarching story isn’t strongly communicated at every level.”

You can read the post in its entirety here:

Manifesting Meaningful Design with Shepard Fairey’s Creative Agency

SNO Animates Robert Plants Music Video for "New World"

Studio Number One was honored to work with our creative director Shepard Fairey and legendary musician Robert Plant on the animation for “New World.” The video features several images by Shepard Fairey and artist Ernesto Yerena that focus on the impact of imperialism on Native Americans, the environment, and sacred natural resources. Many of the works are inspired by photographs from Aaron Huey.

Proceeds from the song support Honor the Earth, an organization that addresses Native and environmental rights.